About Us

Our Story

Let's Get Active is based in Derby and works around the Derby and Derbyshire areas in community halls and care homes, providing fitness classes for all ages and abilities.

Let’s Get Active work with many organisations across Derbyshire including HC-ONE, Ashmere, Bupa, Embrace, My Care, MHA, Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, Avery, NHS, Making Space, Alzheimer Society and Age UK offering different types of classes including Zumba Gold Chair, Exercise to Music, Breathing and Relaxation and Chair Yoga.

We are keen fundraisers and work with communities around Derbyshire. We actively involve ourselves with charity events and will be doing lots over the Summer.


Our Classes


It is proven that regular exercise/fitness sessions; 

  • decrease the number of falls

  • helps build the participants overall strength including legs arms and inner core

  • they help to boost the participant’s self-esteem 

  • the social aspect of taking part


Our current clients have said that they have noticed a signification progression on the use of the participant’s limbs and the range of movement has increased since starting the classes. It really is fantastic to see all of this from just 45 minutes out of their day. We encourage all participants to exercise at their own pace and ability, they are in control. 


We believe it is very important to learn the participants name to make it feel more personal to them and gain their trust and respect for us as the instructor so that they can get the full benefits from the session.


We have the passion and drive to provide a fantastic service to a high standard that’s fun and visibly effective to every single participant in the room. 


Our aim is to increase the physical, mental and social welling within the care sector providing sessions for any ability. We also have evidence from our care homes we currently have that shows in just 3 months residents confidence doing everyday tasks has significantly increase as well as their strength and stability. These residents fear of falling also dramatically decreased. 


We provide high quality sessions which are conducted mostly in the chair however some participants do like to stand. These sessions are wheelchair accessible and are conducted in a group as well as one to one during the group sessions. We can also provide one to one sessions.


We use all different types of equipment to provide stimulation for the participants as well as using feel good music of which they will recognise most of. 


All of our classes are very fun and interactive. All our instructors are fully qualified and all have different areas of expertise.